Sunday, 18 April 2010

Face Booked!

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Face Booked!

1. I am not a madman.

2. I am not Sotto Voce.

3. I am not bolstering any religious role in any way shape or form.

4. I have never victimised anyone in my life never mind by telephone.

5. I have nothing to do with the ‘Clerical Whispers’ blogspot.

6. I have never sought any stories of sexual abuse from anyone for any purpose, and as a victim of clerical abuse, I take grave exception to the comment.

7. It is inferred that through the ‘mantel of protection all abusers need to function’ that I am an abuser which is totally without foundation and slanderous.

8. I take no delight nor gratification from anyone having been abused by another, and certainly not in the current climate whereby clergy are facing such accusations of abuse on an almost daily basis.

9. I do not offer any aftercare to anyone who has been abused except to follow established protocols in line with civil law and direct such victims to the appropriate authorities.

10. I am not a ‘fake priest’

11. I do not seek out any ‘seemingly religious organisations in ethos with historical paedophiles having served within their ranks before actively engaging with excluded members in a bid to reform a potentially dangerous circle of what is high risk paedophiles through social networking sites for what can only be for his own gain and erotic satisfaction.’

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