Thursday, 6 May 2010

Pervert Priest Adopts New Church

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Pervert Priest Adopts New Church

1. I am not a pervert priest.

2. I am not a fraud ref Fr. aud Ryan.

3. I do not perpetrate any acts of fraud.

4. I am not ‘felonious’

5. The Independent Evangelical Catholic Church does indeed exist.

6. Neither Bishop Wilkowski nor myself have ever invited paedophiles into any church organisation and screening is consistently enforced and independently monitored to ensure such enforceement.

7. I am not US barred and was in Chicago as recently as July of 2010 (tickets available as confirmation of this).

8. There is nothing from An Garda Síochána to either my solicitor or myself to advise me that I am under investigation for any reason or purpose.

9. I am not a danger to children and it is inferred that I am which is defamatory to say the least.

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