Tuesday, 30 November 2010


Niall Sheridan
In February 2010, the blogspot referrred to throughout this site was posted on to the internet by Marcus Heckman, a cleric within the discredited Reformed Catholic Church (hereinafter referred to as the RCC), and done so with the blessing of George Phillip Zimmerman and here in Ireland, Niall Sheridan (pictured here). 

Their intent and purpose was to defame and discredit me as much as possible so as to cause the greatest inconvenience to me and my ministry whilst also causing offence to so many others. 

The reason behind such was that in November 2009, I alongside others had become aware of the fact that the hierarchy of the RCC were permitting a 3 times convicted paedophile, namely Seán Michael Lyons to work within their ranks, and indeed plans had been made to trasfer this felon to Ireland where Niall Sheridan was to have accomodation and employment available for Lyons. 
Sean Michael Lyons (encircled)

This information had been withheld from clergy in Ireland by Niall Sheridan, then "Archbishop for All Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England, and Father Protector of European Communities" and only came to light post RCC Synod. 

I informed other clergy of this serious issue, and a debate began which Sheridan attempted to silence and even refused to permit the clergy to discuss amongst themselves (emails dated 28th October 2009 and 17th November 2009 from Sheridan) this most serious of matters. 

A 3 hour meeting was held towards the end of November 2009 with Sheridan, Heckman and Zimmerman abstaining in the voting process to formally laicise Lyons, but nonetheless the motion was still carried. 

I was to be disciplined for having brought the matter to the attention of others, and this was evidenced by Sheridan (due to the fact that my emails were being hacked and read by Heckman) who then brought the emails to the attention of the hierarchy. 

My crime was that I raised the issue (as indeed so many others were) and was discussing it (as is only right and proper) but I also reported the matter to officers of the court in Ireland and also notified my solicitor. 

Such a requirement is laid down in Irish law and therefore as an Irish citizen, I was (and remain) subject both legally and morally to report such an attempt to transfer a 3 times convicted paedophile from one jurisdiction to another. 

Within the RCC, there was great angst about what had happened and this was directed moreso at their hierarchy for their deceit and many of its members were leaving in droves as they no longer wished to be party to such cover up and accommodating of convicted paedophiles. 

Retaliation was in the minds of those in the hierarchy and I was in the firing line, and so it came to pass that Heckman et al got to work by using the medium of the internet to defame me.....and thus the malicious rumours and unfounded allegations were posted on the blogspot mentioned on this site. 

They also hacked my email account and sent the link to this offensive and malicious site to my over 300 contacts causing them great offence. 

My solicitor and I began making contact with those others (i.e. persons, organisations et al) mentioned on the site and got communications from such relative to what was posted and some of those documents are posted on this site to categorically counteract the false assertions made against me. 

The responses to each posting are taken from the Affidavit compiled by my solicitor and I based upon truth and evidence to back such collated over the last year and more - hence the delay in response to the site. 

Sheridan - who resides in Roscommon - was more than co-operative in assisting Heckman, Zimmerman et al by passing on documentation to them which was then maliciously misused in the attempt to discredit - documentation which he denies he holds and then refuses to return when so asked to do so. 

This behaviour was endorsed and supported by the Presiding Bishop of the RCC, William Quinlan, who said he had no control over Sheridan despite being his superior!! 

Now, for those who wish to know the truth - indeed the verifiable truth - can read this site, peruse it at your own leisure and acquaint yourselves with the facts. 

If you wish to then make contact with me, please do feel free to so. I will be more than happy to clarify or otherwise for you. 


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