Monday, 29 November 2010

Dissolved Church Speaks

Dissolved Church Speaks / New Alias Alert

Both these articles seem to wish to convey the idea that I have anything to do with their contents thereby yet again, as is the modus operandi and wish of the author(s) of this site to convey that I am a dishonest, distrustful and devious person.

This is totally false information and the presumption is clearly evident.

1.The providing of a link to another personal website which has now been removed ( by the author(s) of this site certainly clarifies the intent and malice of those responsible for these blogspots which needs to be removed forthwith.

2. There is an implication made towards me in relation to paedophilia and I quote ‘we discovered in the church internationally, following checks and receipt of information, and not, thank God, as a result of an attack on a child, that we had two paedophiles in total to date in our clergy ranks in 11 years.

These were clergy who had joined us from other churches, and in fact, one was Irish. Both of them were laicised and expelled from the church.’

This gives the impression that I, as someone who left this organisation due to my concerns over a paedophile being in the ranks, was somehow implicated in this most heinous of activities and is defamatory.

3. Again, Niall Sheridan makes the same assumption that I am involved with Clerical Whispers which is most untrue and without foundation, and his claim that I am alleged to have said as much is totally without foundation and credibility.

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