Friday, 12 February 2010

Press Release

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N.B. The responses to the pieces in this posting are a direct response to the comments in red writing:

1. Any information in relation to my ordination has been well documented in this Affidavit and with the accompanying certification to prove otherwise.

2. Fees quoted as being in the hundreds of Euros are totally without foundation and basis.

3. A Free Travel Pass was only provided to me by the Irish State in October 2010 due to my medical incapacity (degenerative disc disease) having been determined to be so serious as to warrant the issuing of such.

4. The Galway Advertiser article is yet again completely misinterpreted for the benefit of writing such untruths.

5. Yet again, I wish to categorically state that I have no involvement with ‘Clerical Whispers’

6. I have not been ever contacted by the authors of this ‘blogspot’ for comment and there is no evidence provided by the authors to categorically support such a claim.

7. The names signed to end are a translation of my name into Gaelic/Irish.

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