Tuesday, 30 March 2010

The Dirty Truth

Reply To : http://thetruthaboutsottovoce.blogspot.ie/2010/03/dna-is-in-dirt.html

The Dirty Truth

1. This posting gives the impression that I have been to Caherconlish in County Limerick, but I have never knowingly been there for any reason or purpose, and certainly not on retreat.

2. I am unaware of the use of external church property – whether lawful or otherwise – and certainly would not have reason to know of such.

3. I have never engaged in or with any act which is described in the posting as prostitution.

4. The impression is also given that I would have defecated in the confessional box of the Church which is totally scurrilous.

5. I have never had any reason to be in touch with the GardaĆ­ or indeed with Fr O’Gorman.

6. It wishes to further portray me as having personal difficult issues, which is again, untrue.

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