Thursday, 3 June 2010

Holy War & Joe Ryan's Changing Identity

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Holy War & Joe Ryan's Changing Identity

1. The 1st coat of arms used is that belonging to the Evangelical Catholic Church Diocese of Ireland and is copyrighted, therefore its use is illegal.

2. Any and all of the seals used in this article are not stolen.

3. I have the authority, dignity and office of Auxiliary Bishop.

4. I do not have a deceitful mind.

5. I am not ‘hauled (sic.) up’ in the world, in any way, shape or form, with Clerical Whispers.

6. I am not in any way interested as claimed, in destroying mother church.

7. I do not hold any interests in anyone and certainly not with paedophiles, a remark yet again I strongly object to.

8. I am not involved in tracing neither perpetrator or victim in any way for any interest or purpose whatsoever.

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