Monday, 21 June 2010

Tears on a Bridal Bouquet

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Tears On A Bridal Bouquet

1. We (my solicitor and I) have asked that verification of this ‘letter’ be obtained and provided to us with the necessary details, but thus far nothing has been provided.

2. Neither my solicitor nor myself are aware of any pending or impending legal action in relation to any allegation in this posting, and can confirm that at this time (August 2011) nothing of such has occurred.

3. Neither my solicitor nor myself have any reason to believe this posting is factually based.

4. I am totally professional in my undertakings and at all times.

5. By 2007 I would have had 8 years of experience of officiating at weddings so there is no credibility to my being unprofessional and inexperienced.

6. I never engage in telling or being party to pornographic jokes or conversations.

7. I do not drink champagne as it causes me to be physically ill.

8. Neither my solicitor or myself are aware of the allegations as outlined in this posting having been forwarded to any member of any police force, and have likewise not been advised of such by any member of any police force.

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