Monday, 21 June 2010

The Man Who Plays Priest

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The Man Who Plays Priest

1. I have never been addressed, wish to be addressed or seek to be so address as ‘His Holeyness (sic.) Papa Joe’

2. I am not notorious for foul mouth rants.

3. The ‘Father of Love Bites’ is a rather crass and unfounded term to be applied as I have never been the bearer of such.

4. I am not an impostor.

5. I have never attended a meeting I have not been invited to attend.

6. I have never been ejected from any meeting.

7. I have never turned up uninvited to any meeting of the Cathedral Parish in Ennis.

8. I have never been addressed in such a fashion by any priest in my life.

9. The veracity of the claim made at the end of this posting is required.

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