Monday, 21 June 2010

The Man Who's Not A Priest WANTED!

Reply To :

At the time of the composing of this Affidavit, I state categorically that I have no affiliations with the Reformed Catholic Church (RCC).

I have not claimed to be a senior member of this aforementioned RCC.

I have not been made aware of any preparation of excommunication papers by the Roman Curia and have not received such aforementioned excommunication papers either.

The claim of dysfunctionality, discontent and disorder in the seminary are totally without foundation.

I have not sought to be ordained into many ‘schismatic sects’.

I do not operate a ‘lucrative’ service.

Ceremonies certainly do not cost between €500-€900 and there is no such thing either as ‘exclusive of extras’. Any and all ceremonies performed by myself take into account the personal financial circumstances of each couple and would not be of the sums as mentioned.

In relation to Bishop Emeritus of the Diocese of Killaloe, William Walsh, a letter from aforementioned bishop dated 7th July 2008 is addressed to myself as Fr Joseph Ryan.

I am a validly ordained Catholic priest, including within the norms of Canon Law, and this is evidenced by the attachments of correspondence from my old seminary, St Patricks College in Thurles, County Tipperary, and also the attached picture of a Papal Blessing sent to me from Rome in February 2014 for my work with the homeless and vulnerable in Ennis, County Clare.

No Communion is without valid blessing.

The availability of contact details for the alleged weeping bride leads one to question the validity of the claim, and such information was sought from the authors but never replied to.

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